• Can include space planning, colour scheme, architectural details, flooring selection, furniture recommendations and arrangement, material selection, lighting options, art, and window treatments.
  • Charged at an hourly rate of $115 per hour





  • Includes floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plan and power and communication plan and a full design scheme. 

  • After the space planning and layout comes the development of a colour scheme and selection of fabrics and materials.  Flooring, architectural details, wall and window treatments are chosen, followed by furniture, lighting, art and accessories.

  • Charged at $115 per hour.  A detailed estimate will be given.



The inital design consultation covers the scope of the project, a design questionaire to discover your tastes and preferences, the budget, and a review of the design process for the service of your choice.  There is no charge for the initial design consultation.  

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