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Here are some projects from Breathe Interiors.

The Alluring Powder Room

Toronto, Ontario

This room has no windows and dark wallpaper, and yet it shines.

It glows with the stunning sconces, subtly reflective wallpaper, and warm brass finishes.  


This small space packs in so many details;  the marble countertop has blue and gold veining, the custom vanity has a striking brass frame and brass feet.  And, the angled lines (in the sconces,  plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, tile) were carried throughout the small space to create unity.

Now, she is gorgeous, alluring and ready for her close-up!

The Cool Kitchen

Toronto, Ontario

Originally, we were just going to change the island and add a pantry.  But it turned into a full kitchen and family room renovation.

The old kitchen was dull and lacked the functionality this family wanted, but the basic layout was good.


So, we eliminated the second sink, the island you couldn't actually sit at comfortably and added tons of storage.  We also brought in refrigerator drawers, and a drawer microwave to keep the counters clean.


Better lighting, removing objects that blocked sight lines, and white perimeter cabinetry make this space come alive.  The energy is so much more invigorating, and pretty darn cool.


Beautiful Bathroom

Toronto, Ontario

No one wants the toilet front and centre when you enter a bathroom.  So, the layout was completely rearranged to make the space more inviting and appealing.

The tub is now the feature and the supporting elements serenely gather around. There is a large shower with a bench, a double vanity and tons of storage.  There is even a discrete cabinet beside the toilet for toilet paper and a shelf above the toilet paper holder to place a cell phone.

Calming colours and stone, walnut, cedar and glass make this space to treat to enjoy and be at ease.

The Home Bar

Toronto, Ontario

This entertaining space received a full overhaul.  


The clients wanted to keep their fridge and bring in a new wine fridge.  The fridges were used to create balance and symmetry which was lacking in the earlier design.

The new space is also more open - it is easy to move around the new island from both sides.  

Proper lighting makes the bar more comfortable and the marble waterfall countertop is drop dead gorgeous.

The hex shape was used in the floor tile and then in an elongated form in the backsplash and the hardware, giving the space a nice rhythm.

Slide on up, relax, and let me pour you a cool one!